Selling Your Car

Sell Your Car with Carolina Muscle Cars

Working with Carolina Muscle Cars is a hassle free way to sell your car. We are an established and reputable facility that has built a database of satisfied contacts and customers throughout the world. We specialize in bringing qualified, ready to purchase buyers to the table so that you do not need to deal with the hassles of phone calls, emails and tire kickers.
And, in some cases, we may just outright purchase your vehicle ourselves!


WHY SELL WITH Carolina Muscle Cars?

Carolina Muscle Cars offers consignment services for any vehicles that fit our profile and marketing plan. The consignment agreement will be customized for each specific customer and vehicle dependant on market value and net amount that each customer would like to receive when the car sells. We can structure the consignment agreement for any set amount of time starting with 6 months. Carolina Muscle Cars has a worldwide customer base and will do our best to sell your vehicle in a short amount of time but will need at least 6 months to build a custom marketing strategy and promote your vehicle to our customers.

At Carolina Muscle Cars we can also perform a vehicle inspection and/or mechanical evaluation and make suggestions towards preparing your vehicle for the best net return to you. This inspection and/or mechanical evaluation is recommended for best representation of your vehicle to our customers. We can also offer a detail service to make your car look showroom ready.

step 1

Complete our vehicle submission application by clicking the SUBMIT YOUR VEHICLE button above.


If we are interested in your vehicle it will go through a multi-point inspection.


Your vehicle receives a professional photo shoot and is listed on our website or we may offer to purchase the vehicle ourselves.


We’ll work our magic to sell your vehicle while you relax.


When your vehicle sells, you profit!